With so many free Will drafting services available online these days, you may have wondered whether you really need an expert to draw up your Will. Here are five good reasons why you should choose Warwick Trust’s legally exacting, compassionate and highly efficient service.

1. Sound estate plan

The comprehensive Will and executorship service provided by Warwick Trust focuses on more than what happens after you pass away. We also offer you all the legal and financial guidance you need now – while you’re still alive – to ensure you maximise the value of your estate for those you leave behind.

Before drafting a Will, our investment specialists set up an in-depth consultation with you. This is a detailed exercise yet an essential one as it gives us an opportunity to engage thoroughly regarding your financial status. This enables us to recommend a sound estate plan to ensure that you remain liquid, which is of the utmost importance when leaving a legacy to beneficiaries.

“An estate plan considers many factors. Marital regimes, minors, credit life policies, mortgage obligations, trusts and tax implications are some of the aspects that will be highlighted during this meeting, depending on the client’s personal and family dynamic,” explains Silma Hamdulay, Managing Director of Warwick Trust.

2. Personalised service

Exceptional client care is at the heart of everything Warwick does and this ethos extends to all services offered by Warwick Trust. As a boutique firm, we are able to give each client and their loved ones the individual attention and care they deserve during this sensitive process.

“Some of the other institutions offering this service work on a conveyor belt system, passing clients from one administrator to the next. However, at Warwick, there is one specialist dealing with the entire process, so beneficiaries can build a relationship with that individual, who is then better positioned to help them through this difficult time,” explains Adrian Meager, MD of Warwick Private Clients.
Silma Hamdulay echoes this sentiment, “Client care is the foundation of the entire Warwick Group. It is of utmost importance that our clients are assured of a professional and qualified service. This is even more so within Warwick Trust. The appointment as Executor places on us a fiduciary duty of trust and the responsibility of ensuring that the bereaved family are dealt with care and consideration of their loss.”
3. Fast and efficient

The administration of a deceased estate can be a lengthy process. At Warwick Trust, we have a unique 9-stage workflow system in place that enables us to significantly minimise the time it takes to wind up an estate. Based on actual statistics, Warwick Trust takes an average time of 7 months to finalise an estate, which is a benchmark in the industry. This is mainly due to effective communication with key role players such as the Master of the High Court, financial institutions and the Deeds Office.

4. Transparency of process

Warwick Trust has a team of administrators who have long served the industry. Over the years, we have come to realise that communication is the most important ingredient in making this process as smooth as possible for the bereaved family. This relates to the important decisions that have to be made in respect of asset distribution, as well as regular progress updates.

Our unique workflow system is therefore designed to automate a communication as each estate milestone is reached, while keeping confidential details private.

“Communication and transparency of process are key,” adds Ms Hamdulay, “as Executors are dependent on many role players to see the estate to its finalisation.”

5. Cost effective

Warwick Trust offers rates that are lower than industry standards and set government tariffs. Our fees are discounted on a rate scale dependant on the value of a client’s gross estate. For estates valued at under R5 million, fees are charged at 3% plus VAT; for those valued from R5-10 million, fees are charged at 2.5% plus VAT; and for those valued at R10 million and more, fees are charged at 2% plus VAT. By comparison, the tariffs set by government and charged by most of the industry are 3.5% plus VAT.

In addition to these competitive rates, Warwick Trust also offers free safe custody of Wills and free amendments to Wills as and when our clients’ financial needs change. This service is open to any member of the public and is not exclusive to existing Warwick clients.

To find out more about Warwick Trust, give us a call on 0800 50 50 50.

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